XLITE Boys 14″ Black/Green

Give your learning rider all the support they need with the XLite Boys’14”: recommended for ages 3-6. Steel training wheels keep your child balanced while they learn control with the manoeuvrable lightweight alloy frame and ‘V’ braking. Encourage a safe posture with an ergonomic design.



Teaching your little ones to ride is such a joyous occasion. Trust in the XLite Boys’ 14” kids’ bike to support you and your family through this milestone. We’d recommend this bike for kids aged 3 to 6, so they can learn to ride and get significant mileage before it’s time to upgrade.

If your child is getting on the bike early, the XLite 14” is a fantastic option. With steel training wheels the XLite gives your youngster the hardest thing to learn: balance.

The XLite’s hallmark is its lightweight aluminium alloy frame and forks. The XLite is easy to lift and carry for parents, and for the kids it’s easier to control and pedal with a lighter but stiffer frame.

Finding this sense of control is so important for youngsters learning to ride. That’s why the XLite features front alloy ‘V’ Brakes in addition to the rear coaster brakes to bring your little ones to a safe and gentle stop.

Encourage a healthy and supported ergonomic posture in your young rider with lower handlebars that are easier to reach.

Celebrate the milestone of your youngster learning to ride with the XLite Boys’ 14”.


Lightweight Alloy Frame

Parents will love the XLITE’s lightweight full aluminium alloy frame and forks. Easier to carry and transport for mum and dad, and easier to pedal and control for the little ones. The lighter frame is more responsive to the commands of the rider, and greater stiffness makes pedalling more efficient when less energy is lost in the flexing of the frame.

Ergonomic Seating

Support their growing spines with an ergonomic posture. A comfortable saddle and lower handlebars creates a healthier seating position for kids.

Learn to Ride

Give your little riders the confidence to hop into the saddle and start a life-long love for riding with steel training wheels.

Safe and Sound

On the XLITE your little ones can stop with confidence thanks to front alloy ‘V’ Brakes and rear coaster brakes. The coaster hub lets your child coast like a freewheel, but reverse pedalling transfers energy towards stopping motion in the rear wheel.