Albert Fat Tyre Blue

Tackle any terrain with the Icon Albert Fat Bike. Uneven surfaces are no trouble for 26” by 4” wide tyres. A lightweight frame makes the Albert more agile, and disc brakes give you full control and stopping power. An 8-Speed Shimano drivetrain offers flexibility to tackle a range of inclines.



Explore terrains only a Fat Bike can take you through with the Icon Albert. Discover limitless possibilities for riding off-road, and supreme comfort and control riding on-road. Join a fraternity of riders who break the rules and cruise across landscapes that weren’t meant to be crossed on a bike.

Huge 26” by 4” wide fat bike tyres distribute weight through a larger surface area. Terrains not usually dense enough for bike travel become passable: snow, sand, and mud just to name a few. Even mountain bike trails become more comfortable with the cushioning of a bigger tyre absorbing the shocks of roots, rocks, and other uneven surfaces.

We try to shed some of the bulk of the Albert with a lightweight alloy frame. The result: a bike that is easier to manoeuvre off-road. For the environments you’ll want to ride your fat bike, handling is so important. The Albert also features mechanical disc brakes to stop on a dime in any condition.

Cycle through the 8-Speed Shimano Drivetrain for the flexibility to tackle shifting landscapes from off-road tracks to urban roads. Change gears easily with Shimano Altus Rapid Fire Plus shifter and Shimano Tourney rear derailleur.

Experience riding without restrictions. Experience the Icon Albert Fat Bike.



Made to Tackle Any Terrain

No ordinary bike: The Albert, with 26” by 4” wide Fat Tyres was built to be taken where other bikes can’t go. The big footprint of a fat bike tyre distributes weight through a bigger surface area, providing excellent traction for riding in extreme conditions such as snow, or sand.

Riding on Clouds

Fat Tyres will make you feel like you’re floating over any terrain. Rough terrain with rocks and roots that would normally rattle your brains on a regular bike, are barely noticeable under the cush of Albert’s big 26” x 4” tyres.

8 Speed Shimano Drivetrain

The Albert features a dependable 8-Speed Shimano Drivetrain with Altus Rapid Fire Plus Shifters and Tourney Rear Derailleur. You’ll be able to maintain a smooth cadence with the right gear ratio for any terrain.

Strong Stopping Power

Strong, reliable stopping power is critical for any bike rider, especially to manoeuvre across tough terrain. The Albert features Disc Brakes to ensure consistent, high-powered braking performance.

• Rim Brakes (like Caliper or V Brakes) can be unreliable in wet or muddy conditions
• Longer lasting
• Stronger braking performance
• Less adjustment and maintenance required

Alloy Frame

Fat tyre bikes can be heavier than regular bikes – but we try our best to minimise the weight with a lightweight alloy frame. A lighter frame also helps to increase agility and handling of your bike, essential for any ride.