About Us

Russell Tucker is a man who has lived and breathed cycling for the vast majority of his life and has been a highly regarded professional for over three decades.

Initially a professional cyclist, Russell has lived through everything that the world of cycling can throw at you and has had to develop the tools required to navigate a tough existence.

As such he has become a noted authority on all aspects of cycling, including:

  • Psychology – How to get into the right frame of mind to cycle to your peak efficiency, how to maintain focus and how to continue with the drive required to reap the ultimate rewards.
  • Fitness – How to keep your body in peak physical condition to meet the requirements of the demanding situations you may find yourself in. How to develop the mental strength required to push through the barriers.
  • Servicing – Keeping your bicycle in top condition is essential. Russell has ridden through every kind of terrain and weather condition you can possibly imagine and can help you understand how to keep your bike working properly.

These are just some of the things that you can learn here at Tucker’s Cycle Inn!

Russell now wants to share with the cycling community the hard learned lessons he received over the course of his training and professional career to help you become a better and happier cyclist.

Russell has something to share with people of all cycling capacities, so whether you have been riding for decades and are looking for a bike to match your skill level or you have only recently started and need some help, you’ll find it here.

Russell has a dedication and a passion for cycling that you simply don’t see every day and he wants to encourage your passion for cycling too with a friendly resource center for all of your cycling needs.

This can also be seen in the long history Tucker’s Cycle Inn has of sponsoring local events and clubs to encourage the local cycling community even further!

From choosing the right bike for you to ongoing maintenance/servicing, in-depth riding psychology to analysis and training of your riding posture, Tucker’s Cycle Inn is your new home for all things cycling!

Amateur or professional, Tucker’s Cycle Inn is here for you.

We are a family owned and operated business, offering meticulous attention to detail and exceptional customer care.